The day will be spent discovering the legends and history of one of the most beautiful parts of Cyprus.

Your first stop on the route to Pafos will be at the ancient city of Kourion, an impressive, unspoiled site perched high on the cliff top. You can admire the famous Greco-Roman theatre and mosaics, and enjoy the dazzling view.

The next stop will be at Aphrodite’s Rock. According to legend, the Goddess of Love and Beauty was born from the foam of the sea at this spot.

Following, you can discover the remarkable history of Pafos town. UNESCO World Heritage has added the entire town of Pafos to its World Cultural Heritage List. In ‘Kato’ Pafos you will pass by the Catacombs of St. Solomoni and see the Pillar of St. Paul. Then you will visit the House of Dionysos, and admire a series of beautifully preserved mosaics depicting scenes from the Greek Mythology.

Ample time will be given for lunch or to wander around the Castle and Harbor area.

Finally, on your return you will pass the 9th century Basilica of Ayia Paraskevi and will stop at Yeroskipou village to sample the famous Pafos Delights ‘Loukoumia’.


It may be difficult to see the whole Troodos Mountains with its volcanic peaks and pine forests in one day, but this itinerary  includes all the major sites and allows you to experience all the different aspects of the  Mountains in one action-packed sightseeing excursion.

Lefkara Village: Positioned right on the edge of the eastern Troodos, this village features narrow streets, newly restored stone architecture, small coffee shops and great shopping opportunities for traditional handicrafts such as silver jewellery and the world famous ‘Lefkaritika’ (hand-embroidered lace).

Passing alongside numerous small villages, the trip continues northwards through the outskirts of Lefkosia, the divided capital of Cyprus, and up into the elevated foothills of the Troodos Mountains.

You will climb to elevations above the clouds for fantastic views over Morphou Bay, the Kormakiti Peninsula, the Mesoria Plain and the Kyrenia Mountains.
The world-renowned Kykkos Monastery, not only the richest (golden mosaics, ancient icons, various religious relics), but also the largest and most prestigious active monastery in Cyprus. Don’t miss the famous icon of Panayia Eleousa (Most Merciful Virgin Mary), painted by St Luke and believed ‘to produce miracles’.
A traditional village winery for free wine tasting and an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the whole winemaking process.

On this tour, you will see and experience more of Cyprus in one day than many average tourists do in a week!

* Strongly suggested: Modest dressing is required when visiting monasteries and churches, i.e. no shorts and low-cut tops.


Discover Troodos Mountains – the Green heart of Cyprus. A memorable day off the beaten track through idyllic mountain villages unchanged from generations.

Your first stop will be just below Mount Olympus – the highest point in Cyprus with a peak of 1951 meters and take in the panoramic views in Troodos Square.
Then you precede to ‘Throni’, visiting the Tomb of Archbishop Makarios III, the first President of Cyprus. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the countryside and pine forests as you drive to the famous Kykkos Monastery, which was built in 1092 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It hous is one of the three surviving icons painted by Agios Loukas. A break for lunch will be taken in a nearby restaurant.
On your return you will stop in one of the many beautiful mountain villages for coffee.

*Please note that modest attire is required when visiting monasteries and churches, i.e. no shorts or low-cut blouses.

LEFKOSIA & LEFKARA from Limassol & Paphos

Morning drive to the island’s capital and the last Divided City in the world. The city practically at the centre of the island is the ideal place for you to find your holiday bargains.
You will enter Lefkosia by driving along the Green Line, the capital’s dividing line. Passing by the newly restored Famagusta Gate, you will  proceed to the Archbishop’s Palace where you can visit St. John’s Cathedral and the Byzantine Museum, with its priceless collection of fascinating icons and religious relics.
The tour continues to the picturesque old quarter of “Laiki Yitonia”, where you will have time for lunch and a stroll around the charming winding alleys lined with numerous traditional houses, shops and galleries.
During this free time you also have the chance to stroll around the historical city centre and to visit the border (also known as the Green Line) that divides the Cypriot capital of Nicosia into the southern Greek Cypriot region and the northern Turkish Cypriot region since the Turkish invasion in 1974.
After Lefkosia you will proceed to the village of Lefkara, which is famous for its handmade lace, known as “Lefkaritika”, and silverware. It is said, that Leonardo Da Vinci visited the village and bought an altar cloth, which he donated, to the Milan Cathedral.

"BITTER LEMONS" - KYRENIA (Northern Part of Cyprus) from Limassol & Paphos

The drive towards Nicosia, the island’s capital, brings you to the “Green Line”, the political divide between the Republic of Cyprus and the northern third of the island, an area occupied by Turkey since 1974. You will make the routine crossing and enter into the less developed, yet supremely beautiful landscape of the Pentadaktylos (“Five Fingers”) Mountain Range.

The first stop in the North will be the must-see Bellapais Abbey, situated in the village of the same name, made famous in the novel ‘Bitter Lemons’ by Lawrence Durrell. This monastery is considered one of the best-preserved examples of Gothic architecture on the island and is built almost entirely out of local limestone. The first settlers of the abbey were the priests of the Augustinian order who had migrated from Jerusalem. The first phase of the monastic complex was constructed between 1198-1205.

The balance of the day will be devoted to exploring the picturesque town of Kyrenia with its horseshoe-shaped harbour, its’ awesome medieval castle, and its’ maze of narrow streets with finely preserved stone houses. The most important monument inside the town is the Kyrenia Castle Museum, which houses, amongst other exhibits, the famous Kyrenia Shipwreck. This wooden ship dates to ca. 300 BC and was raised up from the seabed and preserved in a special environmentally controlled chamber, where it is proudly displayed today as the oldest shipwreck ever brought out of the water.
During the day ample time will be given for lunch and coffee breaks, and you will be able to explore the picturesque Harbour of Kyrenia, before you make your way back across the Green Line and onwards to the hotels.

*Please don’t forget to bring your Passport!


This unique experience gives you the chance to explore the majestic Cypriot countryside, where you can find out all about Cyprus village culture. Our journey will take us through villages which are still holding their traditional life styles.

First stop will be at Kelokedara village. Experience a bygone era in the authentic village bus still in action today. Traveling through pathways, and picturesque orange groves you will make our way to the “Xeros” river valley & the Argonaftis Donkey Farm where tender loving care (shelter, veterinary attention & a healthy breeding program) is provided for our friendly Donkeys.
Upon arrival you will be given the warmest of welcome. Sample village wine, “Zivania” and try some local delicacies such as “halloumi” cheese, olives, “sushukko” (an unusual tubular shaped concoction made of grape syrup and almonds), local oven bread, etc.
Meet the friendly donkeys and enjoy a ride through some pretty countryside before we will arrive at an abandoned 14th century monastery, Panayia tou Sindi, which has been restored by UNESCO. In 1997 this restoration project was granted the prestigious EUROPA NOSTRA award and was recognised as a World Cultural Heritage monument. There we will try some seasonal fruits and enjoy the unique tranquillity of this spot.

Back to the farm, where a typical BBQ meal accompanied by homemade specialities will be waiting for you with wine, zivania and juice for the children. When you have had you fill of eating and drinking, a show of Cypriot folk dancing and music will begin.
Soon after, you can participate in the not-to-be-missed “syrtaki” ritual and then dance the night away to the sounds of our D.J with Greek and International music & dancing. The whole ambience is exceptional & combines a meeting with the real Cyprus countryside, original hospitality, fun, adventure, good food & unexpected entertainment. Before leaving the donkey farm you will be presented with a diploma to certify you have completed all “the challenges.
Simply the best outing in Cyprus for all ages.


Here’s a combination Land / Sea tour featuring a full day of adventurous sightseeing across western Cyprus’ wild coastal frontier, the Akamas Peninsula. Get ready for non-stop thrills, some light trekking, lots of swimming and tons of fun and “chill-out” time as we slowly wind our way through forests, canyons, and deserted beaches.

You will see:

Kouyiouka Watermill. An original experience. See the 200 year old working watermill featuring a Folkloric Museum, bread and Halloumi cheese production. Sample the products and browse around collections of related artefacts providing an insight into to Cypriot life and traditions. Take time to visit the Coffee shop which offers a wide selection of traditional Cyprus delicacies, such as honey, sushukkos, wood oven-baked bread etc.

The Baths of Aphrodite: the legendary fresh water pool, where some believe Aphrodite bathed in ancient times, awaits your inspection. You can splash the cold, clear spring water on your face to see if anything positive happens; or just wash off the sweat and salt.

Fontana Amorosa and the Akamas’ NW

Tip: the incredibly clear, turquoise waters, precipitous forested sea cliffs, and varied wildlife create a magic landscape with huge visual impact. By glass-bottom boat you tour the various coves and off-shore islands, look for sea turtles and sponges. Stop at “Manolis Bay” for some optional jumping into the warm blue sea from numerous rocky ledges and stop at the “Blue Lagoon”, the bluest bay in Cyprus” for a relaxed swimming / snorkelling session.

*An experienced Excursion Leader accompanies each tour to guide you through the destinations and the various stories behind them. Full information on the history, geology and environmental biology of the areas will be provided.

*The price includes: all overland transportation, entrance fees, boat ride, use of snorkeling gear and a sumptuous lunch with wine. Essential equipment: Swimming gear, sensible footwear, camera, Spirit of Adventure.


Here’s a trip that takes you deep inside the Troodos Forests to see off-the-beaten track destinations and wilderness areas seldom visited by average tourists. It’s a day filled with spectacular landscapes, little known cultural and nature monuments, clean rivers, pristine air, birds, flowers, trees, rocks, soils, cliffs, fields, orchards, vineyards and lots of fun and adventure. There’s a chance to do some light trekking in cool, shaded mountain forests and to swim in unique settings you will never forget! We top it all off with great local food and probably the best wine in Cyprus.

Here are the specifics:
A short stop at one of Cyprus’ most dazzling “must see” destinations: Petra tou Rhomiou (the so-called “Birthplace of Aphrodite”). You can marvel at the rocks or have a quick drink, before we begin the main programme.

 Journey deep inside the Paphos hinterland to visit Khrysoroyiatissa Monastery, often described as “the most quaint and picturesque monastery on the island.You willl tour the old stone complex, visit the famous church and newly-built Museum, and perhaps observe some modern icon-painting that sometimes occurs here. We’ll then move on to see Pano Panayia, the home village of Cyprus’ most famous modern historical figure, Archbishop Markarios III.

Into the deep Paphos Forest! You will be taken to take the less travelled road to reach what may be the most serene and majestic spot in the Troodos Mountains- the Cedar Valley. You can experience the magic of Cyprus’ largest endemic tree, the Cyprus Cedar (cedrus brevifolia). Learn the story of these unique trees as you enjoy a short walk and breathe in the cleanest air on the island!
Short stop at the famous Monastery of Kykkos, which was built in 1092 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Trek to Platys: A non-strenuous, yet satisfying mini-trek along well-shaded forest tracks through virgin stands of pine. On rare occasions, the elusive Cyprus Moufflon has been sighted in this area. (This is an optional 30-min walk.)
Kelephos Bridge: This venerable stone bridge dates to the Venetian period and spans the source area of the Dhiarizos (“Two Roots”) river. Sometimes wild trout can be seen in the clear waters beneath the bridge.

A traditional village Winery for free wine tasting and an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the whole winemaking process.

* Lunch (with wine) is included in the price! Bring good shoes and swimming gear!

(Note: The Excursion Leader reserves the right to make last minute changes, alterations, modifications or enhancements to the itinerary due to reasons of safety, climate, group ability and/or logistics. Rain, river conditions and the state of roads may cause cancellation or postponement of certain elements within the programme)


An exploring trip of the Green heart of Cyprus in a 4×4 Landrover defender.
The trip begins travelling through rugged hills and valleys, various picturesque villages & pine forests reaching some of the most remote places on the island. A thrilling drive towards Platres Resort will bring us to the waterfalls, located in a paradise like spot with its lush vegetation, cool spring waters and lovely scents. The tour continues to the island’s highest peak, Mount Olympus. At an altitude of 1951 meters, we stand on the throne of the Ancient Gods and marvel at the panoramic views. Our next stop will be for a relaxing lunch at a traditional mountain village. We continue west of Pedoulas Village until we arrive at the famous Kykkos Monastery, which houses the icon of the Virgin Mary, painted by St. Luke. Then you will head for a wine producing village where, you will have your last coffee break before making your way back to the hotels. Several photo stops will give you the chance to take amazing pictures.

*Please note that modest attire is required when visiting monasteries and churches, i.e. no shorts or low-cut blouses.

*Lunch is not included.


Discover the mysterious and unexplored territory of Akamas and make your way through the Avagas Gorge with its sheer limestone walls rising above you. A short drive ends at Lara Bay – one of the last breeding grounds for the large Green Backed Turtles. After an adventurous morning, you will have a break for lunch and refreshments. Moving on towards the edge of the northern peninsula, you visit the Baths of Aphrodite where, according to legend, Aphrodite bathed with her lover Adonis. Afterwards you drive to Chrysochou Bay for a swim in the cool, tranquil water. The last stop is at Skouli village, where at a small extra charge you can see an interesting collection of endemic snakes and reptiles.
An extraordinary experience that shouldn’t be missed!

*Lunch is not included.


Do crowds or strangers put you off? Would you rather go it alone in the company of your own family, friends or travelling companion(s)? If so, we have the answer: for private small group adventures, we have a host of pre-arranged itineraries including both standard tours to the Troodos Mountains, major tourist attractions and shopping excursions, or adventurous off-the-beaten track discovery expedition to the best beaches, most delightful villages, remote forests and monasteries, painted churches, undiscovered wilderness. Everything and anything is possible.

You can choose to do one of our standard brochure tours on a private basis, or by special request one of our expert excursion consultants will sit down with you and your party to design a tailor-made itinerary for your interests anywhere in Cyprus.